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Maximize your comfort during recovery from breast or thoracic surgery. Developed by surgeon Dr. Lea Blackwell, the Blackwell Bra provides comfortable post-surgical garments for patients who have undergone surgery due to breast cancer or cardiac disease. The Blackwell Bra features comfortable mesh, trouble-free straps, and all the features needed to facilitate your recovery from surgery!

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portrait of Katie Stutz

The Blackwell Bra was a lifesaver after my surgery. It was comfortable, easy to put on, and provided adequate support. Two days after my surgery I attempted to wear a regular “sports bra” and less than a minute later ended up putting the Blackwell Bra back on because it provided more support. The mesh pockets […]

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—Katie Stutz
Elizabeth Rumbarger

“After my bilateral mastectomy (November 2016) Dr. Blackwell fitted me with her bra. I woke up to find a custom fitted, comfortable bra equipped with pockets for my drains. The material was comfortable in every way, not hot, not itchy, not tight, not loose. As my swelling went down, my husband was able to tighten […]

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—Elizabeth Rumbarger
Melissa Phillips

“I wore one of Dr. Blackwell’s post mastectomy bras in 2014. I woke up from the surgery and looked down to see a sky blue bra that was not only comfortable but provided support and a feeling of security. The bra had pockets for the drainage collection which was especially useful and allowed me to […]

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—Melissa Phillips
Sherry Ludwig

“Wonderful surgical bra with comfort bring a priority. The Blackwell surgical bra made my post-operative recovery easier. It is soft, adjustable to fit and super comfortable. The pockets for the JP Bulb drains prevents painful pulling at the insertion sites. As a nurse and as a patient, I highly recommend the Blackwell Bra for post-surgical […]

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—Sherry Ludwig RN

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