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Developed by surgeon Dr. Lea Blackwell, the Blackwell Bra is designed to maximize your post-op comfort as you embark on your healing journey.

In the News

The Blackwell Bra Story

The Blackwell Bra is the best post-surgical bra for your healing journey. It’s the only one on the market designed by a surgeon to ensure maximum comfort as you recover from mastectomy or thoracic surgery.

The Blackwell Bra and its companion products, the Thoracic Compression Bra and the Drain Apron, were designed by Dr. Lea Blackwell to make her patients happy and their post-op recovery faster. They are made in the USA with luxurious, stretchy Italian fabric, and they feature front clasps to make them easier to adjust, pockets to hold post-op drains, and mesh panels to allow breathability.


"My bra had a bright uplifting color made from lightweight soft Italian material that had external pockets to conveniently hold either drains or ice packs. It quickly dried after washing and was very comfortable to sleep in."
– Lisa Harvey (read more)
portrait of Katie Stutz
"The Blackwell Bra was a lifesaver after my surgery. It was comfortable, easy to put on, and provided adequate support."
– Katie Stutz (read more)
Elizabeth Rumbarger
"Thank you Dr. Blackwell for creating this perfect bra, and for being so compassionate about everything you do."
– Elizabeth Rumbarger (read more)
Melissa Phillips
"This bra was perfect and much appreciated during a difficult recovery time."
– Melissa Phillips (read more)

Features of the Blackwell Bra

This patented bra:

is made of comfortable wick-away nylon and spandex compression fabric from Italy.
has clasps instead of Velcro, which provide adjustability in the front and are easier to close.
has mesh pockets to accommodate the drain bulbs, or if no drains, ice packs.
has mesh panel in the back of the bra for ventilation.
has an overall shape designed to minimize interference with the incisions.
is made in bright colors to lift spirits.
is made in the USA.