The Blackwell Thoracic Compression Bra

The Blackwell Thoracic Compression Bra provides advanced compression for heart or lung surgery patients who need additional chest stabilization during their post-op recovery. The bra’s patented design reduces tension on the incision areas.


Shoulder straps and multiple front clasps with independent adjustable straps


Performance fabric providing support and compression

Incision Support

Chest support to reduce tension on the sternal incision and decrease skin contact on chest incisions


Back of bra constructed with mesh to cool and comfort

Wide Elastic Band

Three-inch wide elastic band to stabilize the bra and cover incision sites

Comfortable Design

No Velcro, no seams, claps for ease of wear

The Blackwell Thoracic Compression Bra is primarily designed for post-heart or chest surgery patients. If you’ve had a mastectomy, you’ll prefer the ice pack- or drain-accommodating features of the original Blackwell Bra.


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