The Blackwell Bra

Developed by breast/thoracic surgeon Dr. Lea Blackwell, the Blackwell Bra is a post-surgical compression bra that provides optimal support for post-op recovery.

Your comfort is crucial to your healing. The Blackwell Bra was developed with patients’ needs in mind. You deserve better than a post-surgical bra that’s itchy, hard to adjust, or that rubs against your incisions. You deserve to feel supported and have a bra that’s so comfortable, you’ll forget you’re wearing.

Features of the Blackwell Bra

This patented bra:

  • is made of comfortable wick-away nylon and spandex compression fabric from Italy.
  • has snag-free clasps instead of Velcro, which provide adjustability in the front and are easier to close.
  • has mesh pockets to accommodate the drain bulbs, or if no drains, ice packs.
  • has mesh panel in the back of the bra for ventilation.
  • is engineered to minimize interference with the incisions.
  • is made in the USA.

The Blackwell Drain Apron is an accessory garment that helps hold your post-surgery drains.

The Blackwell Bra is primarily designed for post-mastectomy patients. If you’ve had heart or chest surgery, you’ll prefer the advanced compression technology in the Blackwell Thoracic Compression Bra.


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