Features of the Blackwell Bra

The Blackwell Bra is a compression, front-closure bra that reduces post-surgery swelling. Designed by breast/thoracic surgeon Dr. Lea Blackwell, this patented bra:

  • is made of comfortable wick-away nylon and spandex compression fabric from Italy.
  • has clasps instead of Velcro, which provide adjustability in the front and are easier to close.
  • has mesh pockets to accommodate the drain bulbs, or if no drains, ice packs.
  • has mesh panel in the back of the bra for ventilation.
  • has an overall shape designed to minimize interference with the incisions.
  • is made in bright colors to lift spirits.
  • is made in the USA.

Dr. Blackwell also has invented a companion garment, the drain apron, for patients who prefer to have ice packs on the bra and the bulbs out of the way around their waist.

The Blackwell Bra features mesh pockets and easy-to-use clasps on the front…
…and comfortable mesh paneling on the back.

Photos from the Launch Party


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