The Blackwell Bra Vision


Dr. Lea Blackwell aims to leverage hard work and medical expertise to develop and improve the comfort and efficiency of post-operative garments. With the Blackwell Bra, she intends to set a new standard for the post-surgical bra.


Dr. Blackwell aims to incorporate patient needs and feedback into her design of several revolutionary post-surgical garments. Using only the highest quality materials and techniques, she intends to develop innovative support garments designed to promote recovery from surgery.

Mission Statement

The Blackwell Bra products are innovative comfort garments that Dr. Blackwell developed from her desire to enhance patients’ recovery after surgery. These specialized garments prioritize patients’ immediate needs and directly address the common sources of discomfort and distress after surgery. Recognizing patient needs after surgery allows Dr. Blackwell to provide solutions in the form of comfortable garments.

The Blackwell Bra
The Blackwell Bra
This Independence Day, we’re proud to say that the Blackwell Bra is 100% made in the USA! Dr. Lea Blackwell designed the bra to provide freedom and comfort to people on their healing journey. Our motto is “Heal well and live free,” and this Independence Day, we wish that for you.


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