The Blackwell Bra: The Original Post-Surgical Bra

Developed by breast surgeon Dr. Lea Blackwell, the Blackwell Bra is a post-operative compression bra that provides optimal support for recovery from mastectomies and other breast surgeries.

Many patients experience significant swelling secondary to the surgery, and the bra functions to reduce the swelling and enhance comfort after breast and chest procedures. Typical post-surgical bindings offer no way to support the drains or reduce bruising. And while compression can help reduce swelling, some patients found their dressings to be oppressive rather than helpful.

After witnessing her patients’ post-op struggles, Dr. Blackwell designed a garment to minimize discomfort and promote healing, and the Blackwell Bra was born.

Why Choose the Blackwell Bra?

Your comfort is crucial to your healing.

You deserve more than ice packs, bandages, and tangled drainage tubes.

You deserve better than a post-surgical bra that’s itchy or hard to adjust or that rubs against your incisions.

You deserve to feel supported and have a post-surgical bra that fits so perfectly, you’ll feel embraced and comforted during your healing journey.

Features of the Blackwell Bra

The Blackwell Bra was developed with patients’ needs in mind. This patented design features:

  • Silky-Smooth Support with wick-away nylon and spandex compression fabric from Italy
  • A Fine-Tuned Fit with snag-free clasps that ensure complete adjustability
  • Breezy and Breathable Design, including mesh pockets to accommodate the drain bulbs or ice packs and a back mesh panel for ventilation.
  • Complete Comfort thanks to minimal interference with the incisions

Need storage for your drain bulbs? Add the Blackwell Drain Apron for more efficient post-surgical recovery.

Engineered for Your Healing Journey

The Blackwell Bra is perfect for patients recovering from:

  • mastectomies
  • partial mastectomies/lumpectomies
  • biopsies
  • augmentations
  • reductions

If you’ve had heart or chest surgery, you’ll prefer the advanced compression technology in the Blackwell Thoracic Compression Bra.


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